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January 19 2019          

Rapid Transit Rafting - Estes Park - 161 Virginia Drive

Call 970-577-7238 (RAFT) or 800-367-8523,

Cancellation Policy

We go rain or shine - weather can be different on the river than it is in Estes Park. We take payment at time of reservation. We run at capacity most of the season and turn away others to hold the space for you. We reserve the space for you - you in turn agree to pay for the trip. All money is fully refundable if we are advised of the cancellation at least 7 days prior to the trip.

Within 7 days of the trip, we are happy to refund your money if given enough advance notice to resell the space. No refund applies if the space is not resold before the trip.

Absolutely no refunds if you just do not show up for the trip. We turn away others to hold the space for you. Additionally, drivers, guides and meals (if applicable) are prearranged based on your being on the trip. These costs cannot be recouped. Thank you for understanding.

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